If you’re trans and have any financial need: medical/disability, employment, business start-up/expansion, education, legal fees, crushing debt, child adoption/custody, divorce, domestic violence/IPV, pet adoption/therapy or service animal, moving/transportation, housing, emergency, LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES MONEY, post using #TransCrowdFund. Tag your GoFundMe, YouCaring and other campaigns with #TransCrowdFund. Tag your social media accounts.

If you’re cisgender and you come across trans people in financial crisis, signal boost (with their permission) using #TransCrowdFund. If you have a major platform with high traffic, signal boost (with permission) using #TransCrowdFund. You want to write a think-piece that matters? Share data on economic violence against trans people using #TransCrowdFund. Mark your pay dates on your e-calendars with #TransCrowdFund. Keep checking to see who could use an extra $5-20. Do this regularly, DAILY, until people reach their goals.

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